The Raising Danes Sanctuary

Our goal is to create a wonderful place for our friends and fellow Dane owners and Dane lovers, to come and share their love of  Danes. Eventually, we will have a facility that will accomodate boarding, day care, dog park service and just a place to come and spend the day with your Dane. We are in the process of purchasing additional property, located in DeLeon Springs, Florida, to house this facility. We would like to be centrally located between Daytona Beach and Orlando. We hope to accomodate people who travel with their Danes. Come to Florida for Bike Week, The Daytona 500, Disney World or just a vacation in our wonderful state. We will take care of your babies while you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your Dane.  This is a work in progress. It will take time and lots of planning to make this happen. We are working on purchasing additional property to house the facility.  Permitting and zoning issue are being discussed with the county at this time.  We hope you watch us grow.

We have a facebook page, On this page, you can watch all the pictures of the Sanctuary’s progress. We will be documenting the Sanctuary being built.  After much research and discussion with the county and zoning boards, we have decided to purchase a separate parcel for the facility itself.  We have discovered we need to keep our personal residence separate from the facility.  Though this has delayed the project we will not give up.  We will make our dream come true.  We have our eyes on a beautiful piece of property, near our current location for this facility.  Please become a fan today and watch this happen with us. 


It is very difficult to find a place that you are comfortable with, to “board” your large breed dog. I really don’t like the words boarding or kennell, so our goal is to create a vacation like setting for your pet while you enjoy your vacation. Therefore, we choose to call this a Sanctuary.


However, more important to Raising Danes, will be the ability to help the dire need of the abandonded and unwanted Danes in our area. We hope to become a Sanctuary for them as well. We hope to help our local rescue groups by providing foster services, meet up locations, and help them find forever homes for the Danes in their care.  As 3 of our 4 Danes are rescues, we know how important this is.  We hope to provide and help place Danes in as many homes as we can. This is the most important part of this project. We are NOT a rescue group, however, we ARE private individuals that love Danes and hope to be able to help as many as we can.


We also offer a product line of our Raising Danes merchandise. Proceeds from your purchases of these products will go toward the building of our Sanctuary. If you like what we are doing, and would like to help in the anyway, please select one of our awesome products. That contribution will help us make this dream a reality.  (See our Raising Danes Products section on this web site)


We are also doing a brick fundraising project for our Raising Danes Memorial Park.  The park has a Rainbow Bridge side and a Warrior Park side.  We have a gorgeous area, up in the back of the Sanctuary, in between two beautiful oak trees, that we have dedicated to this project.  We have built the Raising Danes Memorial park in this area.  You can purchase different size and colored bricks, engraved with your beloved pets name, dates, photos, logo, or choose from clip art like paw prints, , butterflies, angels, bones, etc., and the bricks will be placed in the Memorial Park.  Full details are available on this web site, under the Donate - Brick Fundraiser tab located above.


Thank you for your interest in our dream!!

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